What Mary has to Say – May 2024

Dear all,

Whoopee!!…Dobby (King Louis) and I won a N section at Calmsden HTs! 🥇💪👏

It was my first win for ages.. (as I’m not very good at going fast these days 😂).

But I had no excuse at Calmsden – the ground was perfect and dear Dobby is confident, is a super jumper and galloper and soon ready for intermediate level.

I find Equireel’s videos so valuable both as a training tool, and also as a keepsake of a great days Eventing.

Barry and Patrick also did super tests and double clears, good boys 😍.

All 3 also went well the week before at Larkhill HTs in the strong wind and soft going.

So I was then all excited for Cirencester and Solihull HTs… but sadly the wet stuff 🌧️ came again and both events had no choice but to cancel 🤦‍♀️.

Badminton Horse Trials next week.

I’m so looking forward to supporting Emily and Valmy there – fingers crossed that it goes their way 🤞🤞

Best wishes and thanks for your support,


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