Buzz-Off Pro Mask – Fly Protection for Your Horse

As the warmer seasons approach, protecting horses from pesky flies becomes a top priority for every horse owner. The Buzz-Off Pro Fly Mask is an effective solution to this problem. It is a premium accessory designed to offer superior protection while ensuring horses remain comfortable, even during extended wear. This blog explores the key features and benefits of the Buzz-Off Pro Fly Mask.

The primary function of the Buzz-Off Pro Fly Mask is to shield horses‘ faces and eyes from flies and other insects. This mask is particularly valuable during the summer months when flies are most prevalent. By covering the sensitive areas of horses‘ faces, the mask prevents flies from causing irritation and discomfort, which can lead to distress or even health issues like infections.

One of the standout features of the Buzz-Off Pro Mask is its construction using Stay-dry technology. This innovative material ensures excellent breathability, allowing air to circulate freely through the fabric. This design not only keeps horses cool but also significantly reduces the chance of overheating, which is crucial during hot weather.

The design of the Buzz-Off Pro Mask focuses on more than just protection; it prioritizes horses‘ comfort. The mask features a reinforced browband that cleverly pushes the fabric away from horses‘ foreheads. This ensures the high-tenacity face mesh stays clear of horses‘ eyes, providing ample clearance and preventing any obstruction or irritation.

The unique structure of the crown part of the mask further enhances its effectiveness. It is crafted to keep flies at bay, preventing them from entering the mask and bothering your horse. This thoughtful design detail helps in maintaining a stress-free environment for horses, even in bug-heavy areas.

Durability is key when choosing any horse gear, and the Buzz-Off Pro Fly Mask does not disappoint. It is built to withstand the daily rigours of horse life, whether horses are out in the field or taking a break in the stable. The robust materials used in the construction of this mask ensure that it can endure regular use, making it a wise investment for long-term protection against flies.

The Buzz-Off Pro Fly Mask is an essential accessory for horse owners looking to provide their horses with the best possible protection against flies while maintaining comfort. With its breathable fabric, thoughtful design, and durable construction, it stands out as a top choice in equine fly protection gear.


For more information on the Buzz-Off Pro Fly Mask and other products in the Bucas Fly Range, visit the Bucas website Bucas Fly Range here . Equip your horse with the right protection this fly season and enjoy a more relaxed, comfortable experience for your equine friend.

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