Bucas Therapy Dog Bed Topper


The Bucas Therapy Dog Bed Topper is designed to be placed on top of your current dog bed. Quadruple layers of linings, with the Recuptex lining sitting in the middle.

The Recuptex material helps to increase blood circulation throughout the body, warm up muscles and reduce swelling and inflammation while your dog relaxes on the bed.

It also has been known to accelerate the recovery process of some aliments, and all of this in a natural environment. It is ideal for all dogs especially working and older dogs. The Recuptex properties cannot be washed out, meaning it can be washed like a normal dog bed.

Available in a 5 sizes – XSmall – 36 x 55 cm , Small – 73 x 60 cm, Medium – 88 x 58 cm, Large – 100 x 73 cm, Xlarge – 120 x 73 cm.


Helps to prevent numerous problems and helps in the treatment of a vast array of ailments.
Additional features
  • Recuptex inner material
  • Designed to be used on top of soft furnishings
  • Available in Navy with orange trim
  • Available in 5 sizes


  • Recuptex

  • Navy/Orange

  • Large

  • Medium

  • Small

  • X-Large

  • X-Small


Welche Bucas Unterdecke ist am besten?

Stay-Dry Fleece – Das Stay-Dry Innenfutter bietet nicht nur guten Tragekomfort, sondern sorgt gleichzeitig für die beste und schnellste Abschwitzfunktion.

Wie kann ich herausfinden, welche Deckengrösse ich brauche?

Bitte sende eine Email an admin@bucas.com mit Deinem Namen und Deiner Adresse und wir schicken Dir ein kostenloses Bucas Massband.

Ist die Bucas Therapie Decke eine magnetische Decke?

Die Bucas Therapie Decke ist keine magnetische Decke, stattdessen ist der patentierte Stoff mit feinsten Metalldrähten aus Edelstahl durchwirkt, das die natürlichen Magnetfelder des Körpers reflektiert.

Is the Recuptex Therapy a magnetic rug?

The Recuptex therapy rug it is not a magnetic rug; it is made from an extremely fine stainless-steel mesh that reflects the magnetic fields naturally occurring within the body.

Which weight rug should I chose?

All Bucas turnout rugs have a recommended temperature guide to help customers select the right rug for their requirements. When rugging your horse, you should take into consideration variable factors such as, wind, humidity, shelter, age of horse , clipped/unclipped horse. Bucas rugs range from 0g – 400g.

What is the difference between the Bucas flysheets?

The Buzz-off and Sweet-itch ranges are available in blue/ silver, which reflects the sun and keeps the horse cool. And Zebra stripe, which has been proven to deter flies.

Buzz-off & Buzz-off Zebra

The original Bucas fly rug. A specially developed lightweight fine mesh fabric which locks out flies!

Buzz-off rain & Buzz-off Zebra rain

A combination of the Buzz-off and Sun shower, The Buzz-off rain has a waterproof upper panel and mesh lower. Making it perfect for warm showery days.

Sweet itch & Sweet itch Zebra

A durable closed fabric fly rug, designed to blocked entry from even the smallest of insects.

Freedom flysheet

Bucas Freedom flysheets are limited edition products, released each Spring / Summer in the season’s hottest colours.

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