Celtic Stable


Die Bucas Celtic Stable-Linie bietet leistungsstarke Stalldecken mit hoher Widerstandsfähigkeit und Qualität. Das Außenmaterial dieser robusten Decke ist aus Polypropylen.

Innen ist die Decke mit dem „Stay-dry“-Innenfutter ausgestattet, was bedeutet, dass das Pferd direkt nach geleisteter Arbeit oder nach dem Waschen eingedeckt werden kann.

Das „Stay-dry“-Innenfutter sorgt dafür, dass die Feuchtigkeit schnell nach außen transportiert wird, das Pferd trocknet schnell ab und auch das auf der Pferdehaut liegende Innenfutter bleibt trocken. Das Verwenden einer Abschwitzdecke bzw. ein Umdecken ist daher nicht mehr notwendig. Die antibakterielle Ausstattung hält die Decke länger frisch und in einem guten Zustand.

Die Celtic Stable verfügt über das Bucas Click´n Go- System mit „Magnet Snap-lock“-Verschluss. Weiter sorgen Schulterfalten für einen ausgezeichneten Sitz und viel Bewegungsfreiheit für Ihr Pferd.

Die Celtic Stable ist in drei Gewichtsklassen erhältlich: Extra, Medium und Light.

Alle Varianten verfügen über Befestigungs-Klettstreifen für das Celtic Stable Halsteil, welches separat erworben werden kann. Erhältlich in den Farben Marine und Kariert.


  • Robustes Polypropylen Außenmaterial
  • Erhältlich ohne Füllung, 150g und 300g Isolierung
  • Click´n Go mit Snap-lock System
  • „Stay-dry“ Fleece mit antibakterieller Ausrüstung
  • Schulterfalten
  • Kreuzgurte
  • „Silk-feel“ Innenfutter im Schulterbereich um Reibung zu verhindern
  • Befestigungspunkte für Beingurte
  • Schweifgurt
  • Befestigungs-Klett für das optionale Hals-Teil
  • Kompatibel mit allen Quilts und Coolers



  • 634 Celtic Stable Extra
  • 636 Celtic Stable Medium
  • 637 Celtic Stable Light
  • 684 Celtic Stable Combi Neck
  • 584 Celtic Stable Combi Neck 300


The anti-bacterial lining helps to keep the rug fresh and in good condition.
Stay-Dry fabric wicks away moisture from your horses skin.
Layering System
Heat retentive layers to ensure your horse is both dry and warm
Click 'n go
Easy to use Snap-lock closure
Shoulder Darts
Polypropylene Outer
Fillet String


  • Stay Dry

  • 115/5’0

  • 120/5’3

  • 125/5’6

  • 130/5’9

  • 135/6’0

  • 140/6’3

  • 145/6’6

  • 155/6’9

  • 165/7’0

  • Navy/Silver


My Buzz-off belly pad is too tight, what can I do?

If you find the Bucas belly pad is too tight for your horse, you can purchase belly pad extender straps and / or a larger Bucas belly pad from your Bucas retailer.

Can I use a Combi neck on my big neck rug?

Yes! Bucas Combi necks are compatible with our big neck ranges.

I have an old Bucas blanket that needs new surcingle’s / front strap / buckle etc. How can I repair my rug?

Bucas does not offer a repair service. However, Bucas repair parts and repair kits are available from Bucas retailers. You will need to provide the retailer with label details from inside the rug, size of the rug and colour to insure you order the correct parts.

What percentage of UV rays do Bucas fly rugs block?

Sweet-itch and Sweet-itch Zebra block 99% of UV rays

Buzz-off and Buzz-off Zebra block more that 75% of UV rays

Freedom fly rugs block 60% UV rays

Is the Recuptex Therapy a magnetic rug?

The Recuptex therapy rug it is not a magnetic rug; it is made from an extremely fine stainless-steel mesh that reflects the magnetic fields naturally occurring within the body.

Which weight rug should I chose?

All Bucas turnout rugs have a recommended temperature guide to help customers select the right rug for their requirements. When rugging your horse, you should take into consideration variable factors such as, wind, humidity, shelter, age of horse , clipped/unclipped horse. Bucas rugs range from 0g – 400g.

How do I know what size rug to buy?

Please email admin@bucas.com with your name and address to receive a free Bucas measuring tape.

Which Bucas lining is best?

The best lining for your horse would be dependent on the purpose of the rug and your own personal preference –

Dermo care – The latest lining development from Bucas! Combining stay-dry properties with a silky finish.

Stay-dry fleece – The fast-acting stay-dry technology wicks away moisture from the horse’s skin.

Silky lining – Helps to prevent rubs and leaves the horses coat silky smooth.

Mesh – Perfect for warm sunny days as it allows air to circulate under the rug.

Which rugs can I use under my Bucas turnout?

All Bucas stable rugs, Quilts, Therapy rugs, The Shamrock power and Power coolers can be used under Bucas turnout rugs. Many Bucas rugs now feature front and rear attachment points which secure the inner and outer layer to minimise slipping.

You can view all rugs with this feature by selecting ‘neck attachment point’ or ‘rear attachment points’ on our product filter tab.

What is the difference between the Bucas flysheets?

The Buzz-off and Sweet-itch ranges are available in blue/ silver, which reflects the sun and keeps the horse cool. And Zebra stripe, which has been proven to deter flies.

Buzz-off & Buzz-off Zebra

The original Bucas fly rug. A specially developed lightweight fine mesh fabric which locks out flies!

Buzz-off rain & Buzz-off Zebra rain

A combination of the Buzz-off and Sun shower, The Buzz-off rain has a waterproof upper panel and mesh lower. Making it perfect for warm showery days.

Sweet itch & Sweet itch Zebra

A durable closed fabric fly rug, designed to blocked entry from even the smallest of insects.

Freedom flysheet

Bucas Freedom flysheets are limited edition products, released each Spring / Summer in the season’s hottest colours.

What size fly mask should I buy?

Bucas fly masks are designed in relation to Bucas fly rugs. The chart below is a guide for customers.

Bucas Fly Mask Measurements
Product code Product Description Rug size
65000-02 Buzz-Off Fly Mask XXXS 100 / 4’3″
65005-02 Buzz-Off Fly Mask XXS 105 / 4’6″
65015-02 Buzz-Off Fly Mask XS 110 / 4’9″
65025-02 Buzz-Off Fly Mask S 115 / 5’0″
65035-02 Buzz-Off Fly Mask M 135 / 6’0″
65045-02 Buzz-Off Fly Mask L 145 / 6’6″
65055-02 Buzz-Off Fly Mask XL 155 / 6’9″



Please note, the actual size required may vary due to horse conformation. Customers are advised to try their Bucas fly mask on a clean dry horse and keep their proof of purchase in case an exchange is required.

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