What Mary Has to Say – July 2022

Dear all,

Just a quick update on my healing!

I’ve just been for my 5 week X-rays. My bones are all healing well and staying in line…BUT with my broken C3 – neck, I have to wear my collar (and not drive or ride) for 6 more weeks until follow up X-rays. 🙄🙄🙄.

I’ve decided to let Emily, my daughter, take on King Louis (Dobby) and Kings Belief (Barry) this autumn to event and further their careers. They are 6yrs and 5 yrs old and need to be out doing things. Emily is riding Valmy Biats at the British Open Champs at Gatcombe next weekend so I will take my 2 there for her to take back to her yard.

Katie Corbin, my goddaughter, has been doing an amazing job getting them fit, and preparing them for Emily!

Best wishes


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