What Mary has to say! – May/June 2018

What a fabulous end to the spring season with Emily and Jane Del Missier’s Dargun winning the U25 National Championships at Bramham 3 day event! I was so proud of how Em rode in each phase, and thrilled with how well dear ‘Dre’ coped with the length and intensity of the 3 star XC course.
I had a sad start to May, making the big decision to sell Billy. Charlotte East, a talented young rider from Somerset has bought him. I find it hard selling my homebreds, but he has gone to a perfect home… I have told Charlotte that she mustn’t beat me too often!! Liz Young, the lady who sponsored Billy had kindly changed her sponsorship to Joey now.
Bobby and Joey went well at Aston Le Walls the week after Badminton, after which Emily and I headed off to the lovely Chatsworth Horse Trials together where Bobby did his first ever advanced class (and it was my first advanced for 3 years!) Stopping off at Ferdi’s for a dressage lesson on the way helped us perform a smart dressage test of 29. A couple of show jumps down in the big atmospheric main ring wasn’t too bad, and a brave willing XC round made me feel that I have a possible top horse in the making. Both Joey and Bobby then had happy runs around the intermediate at Tweseldown finishing 2nd and 8th respectively, before heading off across the Irish Sea to Tattersalls CCI**.

I had a silly mistake with Joey XC by jumping too strongly into the final water which made the turning line to the ‘b’ element too difficult. I rode Bobby better and had a great clear round in both the xc and showjumping. He also had done a smart dressage test but it was a few unnecessary time pens on the xc which kept him out of the top 10 (I was dawdling and enjoying myself too much!)

Emily has made the big decision to move up to her boyfriends yard in north Wales. I will certainly miss her, but saying that we will be seeing each other at all the events through the autumn.

With the weather at last improving and the ground drying up it’s been very satisfying getting out my Logic roller and topper and tidying up all the fields…I do love everything smart and tidy! The foals are growing up fact I must start calling them yearlings now! Tess has scanned pregnant which is exciting, but Zara has had to be AI’d again as didn’t take the first time.

I’ve just done a couple of days for Liberty Trails hosting a group of super people riding across Dartmoor. The scenery was spectacular, horses were lovely, and the guests were great fun! We stayed at the Bovey Castle Hotel which was complete luxury, especially having been living in my horse box for the last 3 weeks!!

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