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Dear all,

I hope you are coping with this 2nd lockdown..tough times for so many. Here is an update:

I enjoyed the last 2 events of the season with Cyrus and Seamus successfully completing 2 more novice events at Bovington and Bicton. I would only occasionally run 5 yr olds at novice level, and would never normally do 3 novice events in 13 days (!)…but as it turned out the going was so perfect, the courses kind and the horses were fit, well and confident, so I did! But I was not competitive with them XC, getting quite a few time faults at each. I’m thrilled with their progress this year.

The horses so far have been having a lovely holiday (except Kizzy my 4 yr old who I’m working from the field).  I like to remove their shoes and keep them unrugged as long as possible to let their coats grow (sorry Bucas 😜). But with winter coming and temperatures dropping the Bucas Atlantic turnout rugs are at the ready!! Also rather than just Baileys balancer I will start feeding them Baileys Conditioning cubes, and when needed Marksway HorseHage (high fibre).

I have just had worm egg counts done on all the horses with only 7 month old Vinnie being high (I gather this is common with young ones) but as it is best to keep worming in synchronisation I will worm all the horses with Equest Pramox.

The 2nd lockdown has prevented me from teaching at 3 organised clinics during Nov..which, as I’m sure is the case with many riders, a good way to earn money out of season. Luckily they have all postponed them until next year. Fingers crossed things will get back to normal soon.


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