FAQ – Bucas Therapy Range

Frequently asked questions regarding the Bucas Therapy Rug.

What does the Bucas Therapy do?

The Therapy material in the Bucas therapy range stimulates blood circulation and promotes oxygen supply, this promotes recovery and helps with waste disposal created in the muscle.

How does this work?

Due to the mesh weave of the fabric, the natural magnetic fields, that the horse omits, are held within the body and therefore the blood circulation is stimulated.

What are the side effects I will notice in my horse?

Relaxation – Users feel their horses are looser in their body, recovery after heavy work is faster, quieter during transport.

Also, Better responses to the aids. Horses who are slow to warm up, warm up faster. They can start their work quicker, meaning not so much time is needed warming up your horse and so your time on your horse is more productive.

It also helps the horse to “warm down” at a better rate, preventing the build up of lactic acid in the muscles.

How should I wash the Bucas Therapy Rug?

Maximum 30 degrees and we recommend Bucas Wash.

Does the rug work even if there is another rug underneath?

The rug works best as close as possible to the skin. The more distance between the therapy the less effect it will have.

My horse sweats underneath, is that bad?

When you simulate the circulation, the muscles get warm and so the horse will get warm under the rug. When the weather is warm or when warm rugs are placed over it can result in sweating your horse. This means the rug is working. However, we advise you to use the Bucas Therapy light during high temperatures and when first introducing the therapy to your horse to monitor them and then gradually increase the use.

Can stop the effects of the rug?

The rug has an unlimited shelf life, the properties cannot be washed out of the material as it is the material.

Bucas advise 2 hours before and 2 hours after exercise. But I do not always get to do this.

Therapy material stimulates blood circulation, it promotes natural processes. If your horse wears the rug for a long period of time no adverse effects have been shown. Many people are using the rug 24/7 and 365 days a year, only being removed when the horse is being exercised. We have not received feedback regarding negative side effects from users who have months of use of the Bucas Therapy rug.

Can I use the rug while my horse is being treated by my vet?

We recommend you always consult your vet when using any type of natural therapy.

Can I also use the rug under a non Bucas rug?

Yes, only we do not know whether the front and rear attachment points will work on non Bucas rugs.

I notice after a while no difference anymore.

You get used to the constant relaxation and suppleness of your horse over time. We suggest removing the rug from your everyday routine and only using it when you feel the need, like for example night before a competition/travelling to a competition/night after a competition. Then you should notice a difference again with your horse. Remember this is not a magic pill nor a miracle rug, it’s a natural, non-invasive therapy that has been developed to help you and your horse.

How much extra heat does the Bucas Therapy Rug give?

That’s hard to say because the heat development in one horse can be more than in the another. We maintain a minimum of 10 degrees of extra warmth, but we think it’s wise to give extra warmth to your horse. If you plan to use the Bucas therapy for heat proposes only we suggest in the winter to always have a 150g or 300g stable ready to put on your horse during cold spells.

Does it work for people and other animals too?

Yes, to all beings with a circulation system. Put the rug on yourself occasionally. Best is as close to the skin as possible. Many people also feel something.

Can I use a temperature sensor under the Therapy Rug?

Yes, but unfortunately it may not work because the Therapy fabric in the rug prevents the wireless signal from being omitted.

My horse is still wet from exercise. Can I use the Bucas Therapy Rug?

That’s not a problem. The side of the rug is made of “Stay-dry” and this material transports sweat away from the horse’s skin. Under the Therapy fabric the drying takes a little slower but not a lot because the blood circulation stimulation gives the skin extra warmth and because of this your horse will not get a chill even though it is still wet.

What sizes is the Bucas therapy Rugs available?

The Bucas Therapy rug is available in sizes 115/5’0/60” to 165/7’0/84” (see also do I measure my horse for the correct way to measure your horse for a Bucas rug)

Are there also a neck piece available for the Bucas Therapy Rugs?

Yes, these are available in sizes XS to fit 5’0 rugs through to XL to fit 7’0 rugs. These are attached to the rug by Hook and Loop attachment points on the neck.

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