Bucas GREENLINE TURNOUT Rug — Warming your Horse, not the Planet

Bucas GREENLINE TURNOUT Rug — Warming your Horse, not the Planet

40 years ago we started a journey to design, create and produce high-performance horse rugs and equestrian products. What makes this experience even more unique is that our brand is loved by generations of horse people around the world, who are equally passionate about providing the best care for their equine partners.

Now we want to take our commitment to the equestrian community a step further: We believe there is a need for change —  a change for the future of our environment and for us, the equestrian industry to be more sustainable. What you may not realise at first glance is that the global “fast fashion” issue also applies to the horse products we choose to use. Purchasing horse rugs/horse blankets or other horse products that have been produced irresponsibly and/or are not made to last is one of the leading ways in which we, as consumers, are negatively impacting the environment. The fashion industry makes up a whopping 10% of the world’s carbon emissions as well as damaging water sources and polluting rivers and streams.


For the past number of years Bucas has been implementing environmentally friendly protocols into the way we produce our products. All paper used for Bucas swing tags, guarantee certificates, flyers and brochures has been sustainably sourced and / or made with recycled paper. Furthermore, the insulation used inside all Bucas rugs has already been manufactured using recycled fibres. However, the amount of plastic in our environment continues to increase. Eight million tons of plastic enter our oceans each year! The world produces 300 million tons of plastic every year! More than 95% of plastic packaging is only used once. Who hasn’t been horrified by the images of islands of plastic waste floating in the oceans and washing up on our beaches? At Bucas, we are committing to increase our efforts to reduce plastic waste in the best way we know how: by reclaiming that plastic to produce our quality horse rugs. Starting with the Bucas GREENLINE TURNOUT RUG, we are offering an eco-friendly rug almost entirely made using recycled materials such as plastic bottles.

You may also call it upcycling, because these plastic bottles are being given a new, better use than before. A plastic water bottle is used once and then thrown away to forever sit in landfill or float in the ocean, whereas a Bucas rug can be used and loved for many years to come. Not only are these special Bucas horse rugs, like all of our rugs, made to last a lifetime—they are made with the environment in mind. Producing environmentally-friendly horse products is just one of the ways in which Bucas are working towards a greener tomorrow.


Greenline Dog Rug

How many plastic bottles are actually used in the process for each rug?

That depends on the size of the rug and the type of insulation (if you need help with finding your horse’s size, please visit our handy horse rug size guide). For example, a GREENLINE TURNOUT in 145 cm length with 300 g insulation is made using approximately 300 plastic bottles, weighing in at roughly 12 g each. The recycled PET bottles are crushed, shredded and spun into a polyester yarn, which is then woven into durable fabric. The production of recycled PET polyester also uses significantly less energy and water, and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

All fabrics, the waterproof and breathable 600D rip stop outer fabric, insulation, lining, straps and binding are made using recycled yarn. The Turnout comes with all the great features you would expect from Bucas — the popular silky lining, shoulder darts for best fit and comfort, T-bar front closure with signature magnetic Snap-lock and attachment points for a matching neck — but with the peace of mind that your rug has been made responsibly and ecologically.


Why are not all of the components recycled?

We are striving to produce a fully recycled rug. Bucas research teams continue to source recycled products, whilst our focus remains on ensuring quality and longevity of materials. Making horse rugs and related equestrian products that can be used and loved for a long time is the best thing we can do for the environment.

Bucas are committed to cleaning up our oceans for the sake of our planet and for future generations. We want to warm your horse, NOT the planet.

The GREENLINE TURNOUT rug is available now in the colour deep green with cream trim, in sizes 115 to 165. Contact your nearest Bucas stockist for more information or visit, For a guide to measuring your horse, visit our horse size chart.


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