Unpredictable Summer Weather – Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck Has You Covered!

The Bucas Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck: The Ultimate Protection for Your Horse this Summer

As we navigate through a summer of unpredictable weather, equestrian enthusiasts need reliable and versatile gear to keep their horses comfortable and protected. The Bucas Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck is the ideal choice for those warm, wet, and fly-filled days. This innovative product offers an unparalleled combination of protection, ensuring your horse remains safe and at ease no matter what the weather brings.

Superior Fly Protection with Zebra Stripes

One of the standout features of the Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck is its unique Zebra fly sheet. Research has shown that flies are baffled by Zebra stripes, making them an effective deterrent. This means your horse can enjoy its time outdoors without the constant annoyance of flies, which can cause significant stress and discomfort.

Waterproof and Breathable Upper for Rainy Days

In addition to its fly-repellent properties, the Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck boasts a waterproof and breathable upper. This feature is particularly valuable during the unpredictable summer months when rain showers can appear out of nowhere. The waterproof upper ensures that rain rolls off your horse’s back, keeping them dry and comfortable. Simultaneously, the breathable material prevents overheating, making it suitable for warm, humid conditions.

Full-Body and Neck Protection

The Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck is designed to offer comprehensive protection. The removable neck cover provides full neck coverage, which can be essential for horses that are particularly sensitive to flies. This modular design allows you to adjust the level of coverage based on the weather and your horse’s specific needs, providing flexibility and convenience.

Secure Fit with the Bucas Belly Pad

Ensuring the rug stays securely in place is crucial for your horse’s comfort and safety. The Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck features a belly pad that not only keeps the rug firmly in position but also offers additional protection for your horse’s belly. This thoughtful design element helps to prevent the rug from slipping and ensures that your horse remains protected from flies and rain across its entire body.

Why Choose the Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck?

– Dual Protection: Combines the benefits of a Zebra fly sheet with a waterproof upper, making it perfect for varied summer weather.
– Removable Neck Piece: Provides flexibility and full coverage for the neck, ideal for different weather conditions.
– Belly Pad: Ensures a secure fit and additional protection for the belly.
– Comfort: Breathable material prevents overheating, ensuring your horse stays comfortable even on warmer days.


The Bucas Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck is a must-have for equestrians this summer. Its innovative design provides exceptional protection from both flies and rain, ensuring that your horse stays comfortable and stress-free regardless of the weather. Invest in the Buzz-Off Rain Zebra + Neck to keep your horse protected and happy all summer long.

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