Chest Extenders are great for horses that measure in-between sizes on a Bucas measuring tape.

They are available for majority of Bucas rugs and include Click n’Go, Snap-lock, T-bar and Hook and Loop closures.

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Bucas Accessories for your horse.


Click 'n go
Click'n Go is a special patented closure only available from Bucas. Easy for a human to close and open but difficult for your horse to open!
Snap-lock magnetic closure help keep you Bucas rug secure on your horse. It eliminates the use of Hook & Loop closures on the chest making it a more comfortable fit for your horse.
T-bar front closures to help keep your Bucas rug secure on your horse.
Additional features
Extender Type: 801 Chest Extender Standard 802 Chest Extender T-bar magnetic 803 Chest Extender Click’n Go magnetic 694 Click n’Go Panel Extender 692 Chest Extender T-Hook 696 Strap Extender Click’n Go 695 T-Hook Panel Extender
Suitable For: Freedom range

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Greenline Turnout

Irish Range (2017+)

Anniversary Range

Sun Shower (2016+)

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Buzz-off Range (2016+)

Buzz-Off X

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625/632/639 (2016+)

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Smartex Range (2015+)

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Celtic Range (AW2016+)

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Therapy Turnout

Smartex Range (2008-2014)

Power Range (2008-2014)

Celtic Range (2008-2015)

Pre 2013 Pre 2015 Irish Western
Sizes: 12cm/24cm 12cm/24cm 12cm/24cm 24cm 18cm 8cm 24cm



  • None

  • Black

  • Navy

  • Silver

  • 12cm

  • 18cm

  • 24cm

  • 8cm


Which Bucas lining is best?

The best lining for your horse would be dependent on the purpose of the rug and your own personal preference.

All of the Bucas Linings come with their pros, so it really does depend on the purpose of the rug and whether it will work in a convenient way for you and your horse’s needs.

How do I know what size rug to buy?

Please email admin@bucas.com with your name and address to receive a free Bucas measuring tape.

If you already have a Bucas measuring tape, follow the steps in the video below.

I have an old Bucas blanket that needs new surcingle’s / front strap / buckle etc. How can I repair my rug?

Bucas does not offer a repair service. However, Bucas repair parts and repair kits are available from Bucas retailers. You will need to provide the retailer with label details from inside the rug, size of the rug and colour to insure you order the correct parts.

Is the Bucas Therapy a magnetic rug?

The Bucas therapy rug it is not a magnetic rug; it is made from an extremely fine stainless-steel mesh that reflects the magnetic fields naturally occurring within the body.

The Therapy fabric will not work on a non living being, it can only work on an animal/species with a circulation system.

For this reason the therapy fabric and range from Bucas is considered one of the most non invasive therapy treatments available to you and your horse as it works directly with the horse’s system.

Which weight rug should I chose?

All Bucas turnout rugs have a recommended temperature guide to help customers select the right rug for their requirements. When rugging your horse, you should take into consideration variable factors such as wind, humidity, shelter, age of horse, clipped/unclipped horse.

Bucas rugs range from 0g – 400g.

All of the above Temperature Ranges are “recommendations”. Actual range depends on many factors, like if your horses is clipped or unclipped, sunshine, humidity, wind, your horse’s activity and your horse’s natural body temperature (higher or lower then an average horse).

What is the difference between the Bucas flysheets?

The Buzz-off and Sweet-itch ranges are available in blue/ silver, which reflects the sun and keeps the horse cool. And Zebra stripe, which has been proven to deter flies.

Buzz-off & Buzz-off Zebra

The original Bucas fly rug. A specially developed lightweight fine mesh fabric which locks out flies!

Buzz-off rain & Buzz-off Zebra rain

A combination of the Buzz-off and Sun shower, The Buzz-off rain has a waterproof upper panel and mesh lower. Making it perfect for warm showery days.

Sweet itch & Sweet itch Zebra

A durable closed fabric fly rug, designed to blocked entry from even the smallest of insects.

Freedom flysheet

Bucas Freedom flysheets are limited edition products, released each Spring / Summer in the season’s hottest colours.


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