Mary King

Mary King is one of Britain’s most prolific equestrians, with a profile spanning over 30 years, including 2 World Championship Gold medals, Silver and Bronze Olympic medals. Mary is based in Devon, UK.

As well as all the wonderful stable and turnout rugs that Bucas have in their range, I also find a number of their accessories extremely useful. The travel boots I use are the Freedom style; they are fantastic, so easy to put on, fit the horses extremely well and provide them with plenty of protection. They are made of tough rip-stop outer and a poly-cotton lining against the horse’s legs for comfort. I use these all the time when traveling. I also find that they wash really well. You can wash them a number of times as they don’t go soft or lose their firmness. That makes them very long-lasting!

The headcollars are also very useful. I have them as every-day headcollars in my yard, they are very strong, durable and look tidy.

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