X-Range Turnout


The new X-Range Turnout design from Bucas features extra deep sides and a wraparound belly. It offers additional protection around the legs, front and rear, and the belly is kept dry and protected against the elements.

The rug comes with our Dermo-care lining which wicks away moisture, keeping the inside of the rug and horse dry, and a 600 denier, waterproof Ripstop outer.

The features attachment points for the use of a Combi Neck and is available in a Light version with no insulation or 200g of insulation.

Available in:

  • 628 X-Range Turnout 200
  • 610 X-Range Turnout Light
  • 616 X-Range Combi Neck


Lining & Fill

  • X-Range Turnout 200 – Dermo-care lining & 200g Thermobonded Polyester wadding
  • X-Range Turnout Light – Dermo-care lining
  • X-Range Combi Neck – Dermo-care lining  


  • X-Range Turnout 200/Light – 115/5’0/60” – 165/7’0”/84”
  • X-Range Combi Neck – XS, S, M, L, XL

Chest Extender

All X-Range Turnouts – 802 Chest Extender T-bar magnetic


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