Hart voor Paarden

Hart voor Paarden originated from a YouTube channel where Rebecca Blokzijl posted videos about the purchase of her horse Verona. This was viewed so well that they expanded it to different social media outlets. 

We have been using Bucas for several years now.

The best experience is with the therapy blanket.

My horse is an older horse, she will be 18 this April second. Three years ago she had a colic attack, and needed an operation. She had the operation, and was depressed, so while she was in the clinic I went there every day to visit her and play some music so she would feel better.

After 10 days she was able to go home, she lost a 100 kg a looked terrible, but she was alive. At home the first few days she was very tired and she looked like she was giving up. So I started to walk with her. The vet said it was ok to walk 10 minutes 3 times a day, but she wasn’t responding well so I walked her 5 times a day, brushed her, took her out of her stable just to stand in the sun and so on.

We walked, walked and walked we visited all of our home town, just to do something else and see something else. She was getting much better and after 6 months of walking she was looking much better and it was time for the vet to check here. They were amazed of her condition and looks. So far so good, we could start with lunging, then my daughter, who was 9, could ride here again, then it was time for me to start riding again. Yes we were riding again, and yes she did relatively well, but every day was a fight to keep her in good health.

She started to get all kinds of problems, mud fever, light forms of colic, breathing problems, she even developed IAD, she needed Prednisone almost every month. I was thinking about letting her go on her retirement, but also afraid it would end her.

Then the adjustments on her diet started to work and I started to use the Bucas Therapy blanket. I put her under it for 12 hours a day, at night she wore the Power Turnout. She started to get more energy, her fur was starting to shine, she was getting more powerful and after 6 month I realized I didn’t needed a vet for that time!  We are now 18 month without a vet, she has now the Power Turnout and the Power Turnout with Therapy on the inside. I use both blankets every day. Now nobody believes she is almost 18 and she is so healthy I think she can go on living until she is 30 years or more!

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