What Mary Has to Say – June 2022

Dear all,


Firstly, thank you very much for all the kind messages from those of you who have heard about my fall. I am quite broken, but very lucky to be not in much pain, and for all my fractures to have stayed stable – so no operations so far! Dear Emily dropped everything and came down to look after me for a week.


I had a tumble at home from one of my lovely 4 yr olds who had a gate, that was caught in a gust of wind, hit his hindquarters as I entered my arena. I landed heavily outside the boards of my arena on my back on the rock hard ground.


Anyway my spirits are high, my right side is fine (so tennis won’t be a problem when I’m mended!), and I’m able to walk around with just a neck brace (fractured my C3).


Just before this happened I had spent a couple of super days on my annual ‚Mary King Dartmoor Ride‘ with Liberty Trails. I hosted a 2 day ride over the beautiful moor, and stayed at the luxurious Bovey Castle Hotel with the guests. Huge thanks to Elaine Prior for asking me again, and for Bob and Sue Main for their expert organisation (and delicious picnic lunches!) Plus thank you to the lovely bunch of guests we had this year…such fun 🙂


My horses are having an extended summer break at the mo, but had gone very well at their final events of the spring season. It was lovely to feel Barry gain in confidence at each event, and I ended up having a super smooth XC round at his first BE100 at Pontispool. I bought my 2 Irish bred 4yr olds back into work (Pat….King Patrick, and Jason …MBF King Jason). I rebacked them, then got them hacking on their own through the woods, over banks, and with more experienced horses down to the river for their first real water experience. I did a bit a school work with them and progressed to them confidently popping around a tiny course. I also took this opportunity to do a bit of ground work with Vinnie (homebred colt who is 2 yrs old). I’m keen to keep him entire, so feel its important to build his respect and obedience before he gets too big and bossy! I worked away with him, teaching him to lead sensibly, to walk and trot on the lunge and have tack on. He seemed to love having things done to him, and it did him a world of good being busy in my yard where there are a few mares at livery. He is turned out with the 4yr old geldings, and luckily one of them (Pat) is the boss, which is good to keep Vinnie respectful!


Fingers crossed for speedy healing!!


Mary x

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