2021 Gift Guide

Every year it’s the same problem… what to get the 4-legged partner in your life for Christmas? Or what to you buy the equestrian that has everything?

Hopefully we are here to help!

Introducing the Bucas Gift Guide — A guide to help you find the best gift for favourite animal in your life!

Of course, cost can a big discussion maker when buying gifts, so we have included gift ideas we believe will be great stocking fillers and the larger standalone gift!

Gift idea 1: Greenline Turnout — For the environmentally conscious horse in your life. Made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles that are collected, crushed, shredded and then woven to create our ripstop outer, bindings and trims. Pricing starts at €155 for the Greenline Turnout and €75 for the Greenline Combi Neck. Available in sizes 115-165 and XS-XL for the Combi Necks. Bucas — warming your horse, not the planet!

Gift idea 2: Comfort Halter — Comfort by name, comfort by nature! The halter has an extra wide headpiece and noseband with extra padding, so it is super smooth and soft on your horse’s head! It’s not just amazingly comfortable, it’s functional too! The cheek ring that the throat strap attaches to, is bent away from your horse’s face, so that the snap does not sit directly against your horse’s cheek! The perfect gift idea for the equestrian in your life! Price: €35.

Gift idea 3: Shamrock Quilt — Smart + sophisticated + stylish = the new Shamrock Quilt! New to the Bucas range of rugs, it can be used on its own or in combination with your Bucas turnout or stable rug. The lining features our Dermo-care silky lining, which helps to wick the moisture from your horse’s skin, so they will dry faster. The outer features a shiny non-stick fabric which prevents your horse’s bedding sticking to the outer of the rug, should they decide to rest their legs while wearing the rug. This quilt comes in sizes 115-165 and the price is €115.

Gift idea 4: Bucas Riding Rug — A must-have for any equestrian during the winter months! Helps to keep your horse dry and warm while you exercise them in wet or cold weather. The reflective piping helps to illuminate your horse in the dark and the ripstop outer keeps them dry. The lining features our Bucas Stay-dry and antibacterial qualities which helps to protect your horse’s skin and wick any moisture away from your horse as they are worked! The price for this is €79 and it is available in sizes S-XL.

Gift idea 5: Freedom Dog Rug — Keep your favourite pooch warm and dry with a Freedom Dog Rug from Bucas. Reflective stripes on the rug make it easy for you to find your pooch when they take off after that cat in the dark!! Available in sizes 30cm to 75cm, with either 50g insulation or 300g insulation. Prices start at €43 for the 50g and €48 for the 300g.

Gift idea 6: Tail Protector & Bag — The days of having to wrap your horse’s tail in multiple tail bandages, so that they arrive at the show with a clean tail, are now over! The integrated bag means there is no fear of the bag falling off from the protector. And the protector helps to protect the tail from getting damaged and the hair from being rubbed on the tail. One size only and available in navy or black. Price: €19.90.

Gift idea 7: Max Saddle Pad — A firm favourite amongst the Bucas team! Smart enough for you to embroider with a logo and use in the show ring and robust enough to use every day! The antibacterial qualities help to prevent the spread of any nasty skin ailments and the Stay-dry will wick the moisture away from the skin, helping your horse dry faster and prevent a chill! Available in white, navy and black and in all-purpose/jump style and dressage cut. Price is €55.

Gift idea 8: Freedom Turnout 300 — So fashionable! This winter’s colours of Graphite and Cherry will be sure to turn heads! We love the Freedom Turnout available with 300g of insulation, ripstop outer and soft smooth silk-feeling lining! Your horse will be the talk of the paddock! Available in our gorgeous Freedom colours. The price for this great gift is €119 and it comes in sizes 125-165. You can find the perfect size for your horse with our horse size guide.

Gift idea 9: Bucas Therapy Cooler — The ultimate in non-invasive, natural therapy for your horse! The science is in the material we use in the Therapy range: it is a tightly woven stainless steel fabric that acts like a shield when it is placed on your horse. This shield reflects the natural magnetic field, produced naturally by your horse, back into the body. This helps to increase circulation and the oxygen in the blood. It can be used 24/7 or as a treat before and after exercise as it helps muscles warm up faster and cool down longer preventing cramping. This fantastic gift is €215 and available in horse sizes 115-165.

Gift idea 10: Brushing Boots — Wrap your horse’s legs in luxury! Synthetic, sheepskin lined brushing boots with three hook and loop straps and a synthetic leather-look outer means your horse can work on their fitness, all while being wrapped in sheepskin luxury! These boots come in sizes M & L and in colours white, black, ruby and navy. Price is €39.

Gift idea 11: 2020 Travel Boots — The ultimate in leg protection when travelling! The specially designed boots fit differently to standard travel boots in that the three Bucas straps on the front boots fasten forward. This different way of fastening means that the front of the knee remains covered and always protected and the back of the knee is open for ease of movement! These beautiful boots come in navy and black in Cob & F/S and cost €139.

Searching for the perfect gift for your loved one? The above gift ideas make great gifts for her, great gifts for him, great gifts for dogs, and great gifts for horses.  You can view our range of products here.


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