What Mary Has to Say – Feb 2020

Only a couple of weeks away until the start of the 2020 event season! But what a ridiculous amount of rain we have will be interesting to see which early events manage to run.

My 4 horses for this season have been gradually getting fitter..except dear Tilly who cut the front of her fetlock in the field. It’s taking its time to heal, so she will have to start her competition season a bit later than Bobby. The 2 5 yr olds are learning quickly and seem to be loving life wading around in the mud!! They both jump around a small SJ course at canter now. I’ve taken them SJ schooling at Bicton and Chard, and went to Pontispool the other day for their first arena XC school.

It was great to catch up with Emily last Saturday at Hartpury college where we did a lecture/demo in front of 450 people for Baileys Horse Feeds and Horse and Rider Magazine. We also both also did a weekend teaching clinic for Banfield Equestrian, nr Newent…lovely students, and well organised by Callum Banfield.

Phil Lowe, saddle fitter for my sponsor Amerigo, kindly came to check my Amerigo saddles, and measure up the young horses.

I’ve been to Chard BS, and had a great SJ lesson on Bobby last week with Ros Bevan, at Sam Griffiths yard…I’m looking forward to starting eventing again, just please STOP raining!!

Great news that KEP are sponsoring me..their riding helmets are fabulous, thank you KEP so much. Also Bucas are generously extending their rug sponsorship to include saddle pads as well. They are currently being embroidered with Ariat one side, and Marksway HorseHage on the other, thank you Bucas 🙂

Fingers crossed for some dry sunny weather soon!!

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