The Bucas Therapy – It’s a Dog’s Life!

The Therapy Range from Bucas has been broadened in the pass few years to help keeps your dog happy and healthy just like your horse!

For the 2nd year Spoga Horse are featuring dog products from the different companies that exhibit during the trade show.

Bucas put forward 2 products to be showcased this year: The Bucas Therapy Dog Rug & the Bucas Therapy Dog Bed Topper.

The Therapy Dog Rug is available in shops now, smallest size is 30cm and measure in 5cm increments to the largest at 75cm. It has the Therapy material throughout the rug which helps simulate the blood flow in the body, especially the muscles. The material helps keep the muscles warm and limber, so mobility is increased as it helps reduce stiffness in the dog! It’s waterproof so idea to use on a showery/unpredictable day and has all the great features of the Freedom Dog Rug – belly pad, reflective strips and elasticated leg straps.

Therapy Dog Rug

The bed topper is idea to pop on top of your current dog bed and it helps relax the muscles and increase the circulation while the dog relaxes and sleeps on the bed! Available in 5 different sizes, xs to xl, so there is surely a size to fit your pooch!

Here’s what one dog owner has to say about the Therapy Dog Rug:


“Before Jiggie grew up as a show dog, ie he traveled the world with his human, who was a show jumping groom and helped the human look after the horses at some of the biggest shows in the world.🌍🌍

Now Jiggie is enjoying the easier things in life as he is retired…… you see he is 15 years old……. His eye sight is a bit dodgy…… the hearing is hit or miss and he likes to sleep a lot!! But Jiggie’s body is far from retired! He will happily chase a tennis ball all day, help you walk the course at the show to make sure you remember where you are going and he is always on hand to help drive a lorry or a jeep and trailer!🚛🚛

And all of this we put down to the Therapy Dog rug. We used Jiggie in a lot of the prototype testing with positive results!! You see the material in the Therapy warms up Jiggie’s muscles which means no creaky, stiff joints and muscles, it’s waterproof as well so if he gets caught in a shower teaching some young bucko, he’ll be nice and dry under the rug!
At certain times of the year Jiggie will live in the rug 24/7 and it won’t rub his skin! He certainly gives it 2 thumbs up, well that’s if he had thumbs of course!!”

Jiggie and Claire

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